Future Young Entrepreneurs

The EU-Project “Future Young Entrepreneurs“ (Erasmus +)

Being an entrepreneur is a personal challenge and great opportunity. Entrepreneurs let visionary ideas become real, drive the economy and development of their countries, create jobs and endlessly thrive for the wellbeing of their families and communities. The EU-funded project ”Future Young Entrepreneurs” helps school-to-work-transition by providing business mentoring and first hand practical work experience for young people from India, Indonesia, Malawi, Netherlands, Romania, Vietnam and Germany. The project is planned and managed by Goethe-Institut e. V. read more...


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Get Ready!

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"From the very beginning, I was enthusiastic about the idea of mentoring"


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„Ich war von der Mentoring-Idee von Beginn an begeistert.“

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"Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can."

Visionary, young, creative and international…

…are our participants from: Germany, India, Indonesia, Malawi, the Netherlands, Romania and Vietnam


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